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Favorite Links and Contact Page
Links I consider worthwhile
Well, quite frankly there are many, so I'll just point you in the direction of a few that are either unmissable, or very good sites of people with a like mind

Alfa related Sites

Alfa 33 discussion page
Ian Stewarts 33 Spares page Ian is an Alfa afficionado who is specialising in the Boxer engined Alfa cars - he's friendly and knowledgable, and will look out for parts on your behalf
Scott Sander homepage 33 16 valve info? He's your man
Just 33's 33 and late sprint breakers with a good stock

Favorite Sites

164 morette

Alfa 33 1.7 16V Permanent 4 by Angus Ross

Alfa Romeo Owners Club(UK) Home Page

Autodelta - Alfa Parts and Accessories

Body Styling - MC Rallying - Body Styling specialists

Cool Louvres

How to Go Road Rallying

Red Line Motorsport

Samco sport - performance automotive silicone hoses

spoilers. and stuff

Sprintformation - The Alfa Boxer Webzine

Suppliers Links

The Slightly Technical Alfa 33 Pages

Traction Control

what's being broken now

Alfa Romeo 33 white dials

Alfa Romeo specialists- racing cars

Emerald Cams homepage

All about Nitrous

Autodelta alfa peeps

Avanti Motorsport Abarth Fiat Alpha Romeo Lancia motorsports

Eurostyling- Performance & style for the 21st Century

Midland impreza- spares.. bumper and lights

Mono Style, Single Wiper Specialists

NACA design specs

NACA Scoops, use for bonnet

Omicron Engineering Lancias

Race Car Design Tips and Information - Aerodynamics

Scooby Mania - All Imprezas are equal, some more equal than others.

scoovy parts. 145 front bumper - new!

Welcome to Regal Autosport (super charger) sports parts for all cars!

ZENDER - zender body kits


I am interested in making this site as useful as possible to Alfisti and afficionados alike
I need feedback as to whether this info is hitting the right spot. Without it, I will just assume that everything I do is perfect, and then the government will collapse, dogs will sleep with cats and soon the ants will take over the world.... or something like that anyway.

Whatever, if something is missing, tell me.

If a photo or description is not clear, tell me.

If you have done something similar and think I am mistaken, or your solution is better, or even just a good alternative, tell me.

If you have any queries, ask me.

If you have any suggestions about the conversion tell me.

Whatever, I would appreciate your help in making the most of this site.

Les the Gringo
I recommend anyone who has this much interest in Alfas to go to the 33 Discussion Website:
Alfa 33 Discussion Page