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Additional Photos

The details referred to in the preceeding pages can be found here and on the other photo page

Air temperature sensor
The air temperature sensor is supplied with the M3D package, and should be mounted somewhere under the bonnet where it would measure the intake charge temperature, but not where the induction airflow would artficially cool it.

The connection for the injectors and the water temperature sensor is identical.

airtemp sensor.jpg (37296 bytes)

Starter motor and spacer
The starter motor is the same as for the 8v unit, but needs a spacer (seen here) to ensure that the starter gear engages with the flywheel ring gear.

starter and spacer.jpg (65978 bytes)

Starter Spacer
The spacer is used to take account of the 60 - 2 teeth crankshaft postition and speed indicator, used in conjunction with the crank position sensor.

starter spacer.jpg (67171 bytes)

Throttle linkage
The throttle bodies are supplied with a linkage that is best suited to a side draught application, which required some 'L' shaped 90 degree adaptors to be fabricated to allow use with the standard carburettor linkage.

throttle linkage.jpg (561182 bytes)

Throttle potentiometer
The throttle potentiometer was supplied with the M3D package, and fits directly onto the end of the Jenvey throttle bodies with no modifications. Jenvey supply a fitting kit as standard.

throttle pot on body.jpg (66796 bytes)

The potentiometer must be calibrated prior to the M3D injection and ignition mapping

throttle pot.jpg (45073 bytes)

The kit received with the M3D unit comprises the potentiometer, the female connector and the respective crimp-on pins

throttle pot kit.jpg (40615 bytes)

Rear solid fuel lines
The fuel lines at the rear of the car were a mix of 8mm copper tube and high pressure fuel hose. A rigid low pressure feed to,  and high pressure delivery from, the pump were fabricated from the copper tube in order to safely steer the fuel lines around the rear suspension. The ends of the copper tube on the HP lines were flared slightly to ensure that the flexible fuel hose was securely held.

solid fuel lines at rear.jpg (69885 bytes)

Fuel Pump and pre-filter
The fuel pump was mounted on the left hand side of the spare wheel well, in a similar fashion to the fuel injected Alfa 33's. The low pressure pre-filter is mounted directly behind it, but eventually this unit will be re-sited. The pump was flexibly mounted to reduce transmitted vibration

fuel pump on car.jpg (66212 bytes)

Rear brake flexible hoses
I again copied the Alfa 33 setup for the rear flexible hose connections. Note the use of Aeroquip hoses.

rear flex brake lines.jpg (82255 bytes)

Inlet manifolds
You can see more or less how the inlet manifolds were modified from these pictures.

maifold1.jpg (75259 bytes)

The existing injector bosses will have to be blanked off, but not necessarily welded up like this. The M3D unit has the capacity for multi-injector setups, where you could have two injectors per cylinder. This gives benefits in low down torque and high speed power by giving a better mixture presentation at all engine speeds.

manifold2.jpg (71201 bytes)

As the throttle bodies I was using have the same flange pattern as the IDF series carburettors fitted to 8v engines, the mounting flange of the manifolds were produced to suit this arrangement. In reality, any suitable flange patern can be used. Depending on the flange pattern of the carb or throttle body you wish to use, the flange plate is cut to suit.

manifold3.jpg (62245 bytes)